Make a Difference

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Murder, corruption and intrigue in a world on the brink of chaos! Ruthless gang warfare, salacious dens of vice and fearsome high-tech weaponry!

In 2048, the rich live in safe clean walled cities called Protected Zones, with cameras in every public place. Criminal gangs have built fortresses of their own where the police daren't go. In between is a roofless cityscape of stinking slums known as tweentowns.

Crime rages largely unchecked in the tweentowns. Most cops see the struggle to enforce order outside the Protected Zones was as increasingly futile. But Lieutenant Jeri Stone still believes the police can make a difference out there. She hasn't given up the fight to make the tweentowns safe for ordinary people again.

A solid citizen from inside the Protected Zone is shot dead on a tweentown street by a relatively minor gang. Jeri Stone goes after the killers. Even outside the walls, hitting a gang this small should be practical. But the case quickly turns into something much bigger and more deadly. Suddenly everyone is against her. The Chief, the politicians and the money men want her to drop the case. The criminals she's facing turn out to have more firepower than the police can handle. And if she refuses to back down from the case - well, sometimes cops get killed in action.